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Privacy Policy


As a visitor to our website your privacy is important to us. We have therefore prepared this Privacy Policy to explain

(a) how we gather, process, and use personal data (also called “personal information”) that we collect, through our websites and any related documentation, equipment, services, products, or data distributed to you, along with any future amendments, updates, or upgrades (collectively, “our services”) and

(b) what we do with the personal information we obtain. In future this may include information gained from the provision of stand-alone applications, web-based software, and mobile solutions.

This Privacy Policy also covers our treatment of any personal information that our service providers and partners share with us or vice versa for specific business purposes related to providing you with a service or information.

Please ensure that you read this Privacy Policy carefully. By using our website, you consent to us collecting, processing, and using your personal information in the ways described in this Privacy Policy.

1. Modulous Privacy Principles

When you use our website and services, we understand that you trust us to keep the personal information that we collect and process secure and safe. We have adopted the following nine Key Privacy Principles, which guide our approach to how we use your personal information:

  1. We want to be upfront and transparent about the ways in which we use personal information – we will always do this.
  2. We do not collect personal information that we do not need – the need is defined as related to providing you with requested information, products, and services only.
  3. We do not sell your personal information and have no products or services that will require this to be done, and no intention to develop any.
  4. We only keep personal information for as long as is necessary and then we delete it according to recommended best practices.
  5. We delete personal information when you request in writing (unless prevailing law requires us to keep it) – please contact us to arrange.
  6. We implement appropriate security measures and systems to keep your personal information safe and secure in accordance with best practice.
  7. We will not send you marketing email or communications without your consent – consent will be confirmed formally and regularly re-validated.
  8. We do not share your personal information with partners unless we have a defined business reason and we have vetted them to ensure they have applicable policies and process to protect your information at least to the same level as we do.
  9. We adopt a “privacy by design” philosophy – in other words, privacy influences how we think about and build our website, our products and our services, and moderates how we interact with our customers.

2. What information do we collect and process?

We collect and process the following types of information: (collectively known as “Customer Data”)

  • information you provide to us through the website forms; and
  • information collected via provision of information, products, or services.

We collect data that you expressly provide, for example, any information you provide when you register an enquiry or request contact from us. You can elect to register to receive future information or complete a contact form to request us to engage with you. Alternatively, you can browse and use our website features without registering.

Like all website information requests, if you register for future information or make an enquiry, you will be asked to provide us with certain personal information, such as your name, email, and other contact details. We only ask for basic information that is explicitly related to the purpose, i.e., if you register for future information, you will be expected to provide means for us to communicate to you.

Additional fields may be added to the registration forms in future as our services and information needs evolve, however, mandatory, and optional fields will always be clearly marked. When we request information from you, we will always tell you why we need it and, if the information is optional, offer you the choice not to provide it.

All data will be treated as confidential information and will only be used for the purpose set out above.

Information regarding our use of cookies and related technologies is explained in more detail in our Modulous Cookies Policy.

3. How do we use the information we collect?

We process Customer Data:

  • To administer your relationship with us – we may use Customer Data to create your account for internal use, deliver our information to you and process interactions between you and ourselves. For example, we may use your information preferences to recommend other content to you to review and we may personalize your repeat visits to our website. We may also use the technical information we receive to identify and correct issues and errors with our services.
  • To communicate with you – we may use your contact details to contact you to provide details of announcements about our products or functionality changes relating to our products. We reserve the right to contact you in connection to product related issues or general updates. We may also use your contact details to contact you to provide promotional information (with your permission and in accordance with applicable laws). Promotional information may relate to our products or those of our trusted partners. We will give you the option to opt-in to any promotional information.
  • To improve our products – Customer Data provides us with insights into how our website is used. We may use Customer Data to help us understand what features and functionality our users like and dislike. This allows us to continually improve our website, to create new information, and to provide you with a better end user experience. This may involve providing you with customised content.
  • To keep things safe and secure – we may use Customer Data to keep our systems and other users safe. For example, we may analyse it to identify potential cases of fraud or security manipulation (such as phishing or locations of known insecurity), or to verify that your account is not being abused by others.

4. What information do we share?

We keep your information private, and we do not sell your personal information. However, in the following limited circumstances it may be necessary to share your information with third parties for specific defined business purposes:

  • With your Specific Consent – We will share your information with a third party in circumstances where you provided your consent. For example, if you ask us to use your email or telephone number to contact you for promotional messages and advertising.
  • With our Service Partners – To a limited extent, we may share personal information with our trusted service providers, particularly where this is necessary to provide our services and information to you. These service providers will be subject to same non-disclosure obligations that we employ and are required to keep your personal information safe and secure to required standards.
  • Specific Business Transitions – On or in anticipation of the acquisition of our company and/or all or part of its assets, your personal information may be transferred to our new owner. This may assist you to enjoy continuity of service. All such transfers will be undertaken only with your explicit approval.
  • For Safety and Legal Purposes – We may provide information to a third party if in good faith we believe that we are required to do so for legal reasons or that this is necessary to prevent harm or injury to our users, members of the public, our staff, or our company or other third parties, or if we need to do so to defend our legal rights or to enforce given legislation. For example, we may provide personal information if we are ordered by a court or law enforcement agency to do so.

We may share anonymous information (all personal data removed) for site administration, analytics, advertising, and promotional purposes. For example, we may share anonymous information on the number of visitors to our website or interest on a particular subject matter or anonymous demographic information on the number of visitors from a geographic region. We may share this information with our affiliates, agents, service providers and current and prospective business partners for such purposes. We may also aggregate data to enable research or analysis so that we can better understand and serve you and others. Although this aggregated data may be based in part on personal information, it will not personally identify you.

5. How long do we keep information?

We keep personal data for so long as is necessary (according to law) given the purpose for which it was originally collected or lawfully further processed beyond expected durations.

If you have signed up to receive information or have requested contact from us, we store your Customer Data for the duration of your relationship with us. We do this to provide you with our information and keep you informed as per your preferences.

In accordance with UK (United Kingdom) Law, we allow you to make a request to delete your Customer Data at any time by either sending us an email or sending us a request through our website. It takes us a minimum of 30 days to remove your personal information from our systems from the date we receive your written request.

Please note that while we endeavour to honour all requests to the extent that we can within the limits of technical capabilities. We may retain personal information for a longer period if we are required to do so by specific laws, for example, your details may be embedded in financial records that we are obligated to retain for audit and legal purposes. Where instances of this kind of constraint is encountered, we will inform you of such.

6. How do we keep information secure?

We take appropriate steps to ensure that your personal information is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We seek to ensure that we keep your personal information accurate and up to date. However, you are responsible for informing us of any changes to your personal information and other information (such as a change in contact details).

While we take these steps to maintain the security of your information, you should be aware of the many information security risks that exist and take appropriate care to help safeguard your information. Whenever you give out personal information online, that information can be collected and used by people you do not know. We cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose online, and you make such disclosures at your own risk.

The nature of the internet means that we cannot guarantee the security of the information you transmit to us electronically, and any transmission is at your own risk. We deploy appropriate technical and organisational security measures in the storage and disclosure of your personal data to try to prevent unauthorised access or loss.

Please be informed that the level of data protection as currently applied and enforced in countries outside the UK and the European Union does not conform to the level of data protection for personal data currently applied and enforced within the UK & European Union. Any transfer of personal data between Modulous entities outside the UK & European Union will be based on the United Kingdom Data Protection Laws & European Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses.

7. Your rights

We operate in accordance with European (EU) and United Kingdom Data Protection Laws, including the rules set out in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You enjoy several rights under data protection law. These include the right to access, and in some circumstances to amend and delete, your personal information.

You can access, amend, or delete much of your personal information and delete your account by emailing us at or by sending us a request through of our website.

If you have any questions about your rights, please email us at

9. Changes to this privacy policy

We are constantly working to develop new and better features and functions in our website which we hope that you will enjoy. We may also change our practices over time as our business and technology evolves. Occasionally, this means that we will need to provide you with new or additional information about the ways in which collect, process, and use personal information. As a result, we reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time and will announce all changes.

If we materially change our Privacy Policy, we will take steps to inform you of the change in advance. We may do this through an email, SMS, notices in our products or other means (or a combination of these means). If you are unhappy with the changes that we propose, you may terminate your account with us. Alternatively, you can continue to use our services. If you continue to use our services after the date any updated Privacy Policy comes into force, you will be deemed to have consented to the updated Privacy Policy.

10. Contacting us

If you have a question about this Privacy Policy, wish to make a complaint, want to know more about how your personal information may be used by us, would like to access, or delete your data held by us, or correct any inaccuracies, please email us at and we will respond as promptly as we can, or in the period required by law, whichever is sooner.

Whatever your query, we’d love to hear from you, so please take the time to get in touch.