Modulous and ARX Partnership

ARX is working with Modulous to ensure digital security is in place down to each component through to commissioned building, overlaid with ESG practices and supply chain continuity from Geopolitical, Climate or Pandemic events.

“At Modulous, we have designed our platform to deliver quality, affordable, sustainable homes at scale and pace. Having real-time engagement and supporting our supply chain will be essential to achieving this ambitious goal. Working with ARX will help us to ensure that throughout our procurement and delivery processes and over the lifetime of the building, we build digital resilience and security that will meet current and future needs, delivering a cutting-edge product which can scale globally”.
Chris Bone, CEO, Modulous

“We are excited to be working with Modulous as it allows us to demonstrate the full capacity of ARX in creating a digital twin of supply chains, not only modelling resilience but by building resilience. Our mission is to support the whole value chain down to the smallest company through the strength of the ARX Alliance”
Andre Turville, CEO, ARX Alliance

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